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The AAA Awards
- Uniting the Amiga Community -

In association with Amiga, Cloanto and Amiga - St. Louis
The AAA Awards is an award program rewarding efforts to strengthen the Amiga computer and its user community.

The AAA Awards By-Laws


§1  "The AAA Awards" is an award program consisting of "AAA Award International" and all national AAA Awards. The award program is administered by Amiga Computer Group, a Swedish Amiga user association with Swedish organisation number 894003-1217. The award program is aimed at inspiring and encouraging Amiga use and development. The everyday affairs of the AAA Awards are handled by the AAA Awards Committee.


§2  One (1) "Community" award for each category (International/nationals) should be handed out every year.
§3  One (1) "Product" award should be handed out every year for "AAA Award International" and for the national awards in those countries where it is deemed suitable. This evaluation is to be made by the AAA Awards Committee together with the relevant Associate.
§4  A "Long-term Achievement" award can be handed out on the initiative of the AAA Awards Committee. Associates (national representatives) can apply to the AAA Awards Committee to hand out a national award of this kind also.
§5  The award nominations and winner selection shall be performed in the following manner:
  1. during the present year, everyone is welcome to suggest candidates for the awards along with a motivation. Suggestions should include the suggester's name and address, if further information is needed
  2. ACG and its Associates all select a jury for the Product categories respectively (no jury is needed for the Community category)
  3. in January the following year, ACG and its Associates compile all suggestions for each category respectively. For the Product categories, ACG and its Associates shall then send the summaries to each jury member
  4. some time in February the following year, the appointed juries select a winner in each Product category
  5. the "Community" suggestions are counted, the winner being the one with the most suggestions
  6. the winner material is made and shipped
  7. the awards are handed out by ACG and its Associates world-wide at different occasions


§6  The "Community" award is handed out to the person or group of persons who have done the most for the Amiga Community in each voting area respectively. It is up to the members of this part of the Amiga Community to select the winner, by taking part in the suggestions.
§7  The "Product" award is handed out to the creator(s) of the best Amiga product of the year. This includes hardware and software for all Amigas as well as hardware and software for other platforms for Amiga related use, but excludes things such as Amiga promotional items, books, etc.
§8  The "Long-Term Achievement" award is reserved for outstanding achievements during a long period of time, covering all areas of Amiga activity.


§9  Seven (7) people must make up each of the Product juries. Suggested candidates that wish to run for nomination or people that may be subjective in their jury duties may not be part of the jury. This will be decided upon by the AAA Awards Committee. The jury is to be appointed according to the demands set forth in this document by the AAA Awards Committee for the international award, and the Associates respectively for each country. A president and a secretary should be appointed from among the jury members. The jury setup for the following year must be reported by the Associates to the AAA Awards Committee by December 31st every year.
§10  When selecting the winners, all juries world-wide have only one guideline:
"The awards should go to he/she/that/those which/who has/have done the greatest achievement in contributing to the upkeeping of AMIGA® values during the past year."
No other factors (financial, religious, personal or others) must influence the decisions.
§11  The jury is to work in the following way:

The jury shall meet on at least one occasion, to discuss the suggestions. The secretary should take notes on relevant decisions and opinions. These notes are to be kept by the respective Associate, and are confidential without time limit. An Internet Relay Chat (IRC) meeting in a closed channel is sufficient as meeting (thus, an IRC log suffices as meeting notes).

Jury members may also suggest new candidates during the process.

Jury members that are unable to attend, shall receive a copy of all notes from present-year jury discussions. This will help him/her in making the final decisions.

All jury members shall finally vote for the three nominees. Each member shall give points to the three suggested candidates that he/she feels should win. The primary winner candidate shall get 3 (three) points, the secondary 2 (two) points and the tertiary 1 (one) point. The votes should be cast by each jury member writing down the names and points on a paper, signing it. The paper is to be sent via regular mail to the associate by each jury member. The associate shall then summarize and report the results along with the voting papers via regular mail to the AAA Awards Committee.

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