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The AAA Awards
- Uniting the Amiga Community -

In association with Amiga, Cloanto and Amiga - St. Louis
The AAA Awards is an award program rewarding efforts to strengthen the Amiga computer and its user community.

Marcel Beck receives the AAA Award International 1998

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Contact: Martin Sahlén -, +46-8-673 73 23 Director, The AAA Awards

London, UK. Saturday July 24, 1999.

Marcel Beck, creator of well-known Amiga e-mail software "YAM", received today the AAA Award International 1998. The award presentation was held at the World of Amiga show in London, UK!


The AAA Award International 1998 consists of a custom designed crystal glass Boing ball and a fine diploma. It was awarded through a voting with Amiga users worl-wide. The AAA Award International is a recognition from the Amiga Community of Mr. Beck's great software and support.

The winner was announced at the World of Amiga show in London, by Petro Tyschtschenko, MD of Amiga International, Inc. Marcel Beck, who unfortunately could not come to the show, stated in a previous phone recording that he felt very honored to receive this award, and thanked all YAM users around the world.


The motivation, for which Mr. Beck received the AAA Award International 1998:
"For his creation of and continuing devotion to YAM, Yet Another Mailer. Its many features, ease of use, stylish GUI and stability make it an unparalleled e-mail client, which also is completely free!"


The AAA Awards Committee wishes to thank all Amiga users who voted, its Associates and Partners, and the World of Amiga management for their support.
The AAA Awards are organized by Swedish user group Amiga Computer Group in co-operation with AMIGA, AmigaSOC, Amiga Users Club of Spain, Cloanto and Waaslandia Amiga-Only Club.
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