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The AAA Awards
- Uniting the Amiga Community -

In association with Amiga, Cloanto and Amiga - St. Louis
The AAA Awards is an award program rewarding efforts to strengthen the Amiga computer and its user community.

The AAA Awards - You're in the Jury!

Umeå, Sweden - Friday, April 18, 1997. Amiga Computer Group (ACG), an amiga user association based in Umeå, Sweden, hereby announce the introduction of the annual ACG Amiga Achievement Awards (the AAA Awards) - an award program aimed at strengthening the Amiga Community.


The Amiga computer has always been recognized for its devoted users and developers. Even after the Commodore bankruptcy in 1994, and also the ESCOM bankruptcy in 1996, Amiga users are still supporting and using their favourite system, often with even more intensity than ever before. There is great potential in the Amiga Community. Amiga users are innovative, both in terms of hardware and software. The Commodore commercials of 1989 stating "Amiga - A Computer for the Creative Mind" are still valid as ever before. However, in times like these, when the future of the Amiga is somewhat uncertain, all members of the Community need motivation and inspiration to go on working the Amiga magic. The Amiga has still so many boundaries to break, and we all need to work together to show it to the world. That's where the AAA Awards come in. The AAA Awards are intended to be a source of inspiration and motivation for users, developers and other people working for and with the Amiga. The AAA Awards may also be a source of unification, bringing about groundbreaking international Amiga projects. Regard them as the achievement awards of the Amiga Community.

The Awards

The AAA Awards is presented by Amiga Computer Group (ACG), a non-profit-making Amiga User Association based in Umeå, Sweden together with its associates world-wide. The AAA Awards logo has been designed by Björn Hagström (, of "AmiTech '97" and "Svenska AmigaMagazin" logo fame. The AAA Awards consist of fine hand-written diplomas with motivation and the honorable official recognition. The AAA Awards are divided in two groups: International and National. The AAA Award International and the AAA Award Sverige (Sweden) will be handled by Amiga Computer Group. Amiga user groups in other countries may apply for exclusive representation in their own native country. Please see the AAA Awards Homepage for more information on this, or contact Amiga Computer Group by phone or mail.

Everyone is welcome to suggest candidates for the AAA Awards. If you do so, please include a brief explanation as to why this person or group of persons should receive the AAA Award. Also include your own name and addresses, as we may want to ask some additional questions. There are basically no limits as to who you may suggest. Private persons, companies, associations, etc. The AAA Awards may be presented posthumously, and you may also suggest yourself. The criteria for the AAA Awards are very simple:

"The awards should go to he/she/that/those which/who has/have done the greatest achievement in contributing to the upkeeping of AMIGA® values during the past year."

Suggestions for the 1997 AAA Awards will be accepted until January 5th 1998 through the AAA Awards Homepage, e-mail or regular mail. All suggestions will be considered by the ACG-appointed jury and its international associates in early 1998, and three final nominees for each category will be made official. Anyone may then vote at the AAA Awards Homepage for the nominee he/she feels should receive the AAA Award. This voting period will span over one month. Exact dates will be announced at a later time through the AAA Awards Homepage, Amiga-related newsgroups etc. ACG and its associates world-wide will then solemnly announce the AAA Awards Winners 1997.

First Winners

The first AAA Awards will be presented at the AmiTech 97 show in Stockholm, Sweden 25 - 27 April 1997. This will signify the launching of the awards. Those awards will be presented for long-term achievement. The jury has decided as follows:

AAA Award International

Dave Haynie

"For his contributions to the computer development in general, and a true commitment to the Amiga platform, bringing a unique personal touch to the machine. And of course for being cool."

AAA Award Sverige

Thomas Svenson

"För sin starka drivkraft och entreprenörsförmåga i att främja Amigans fortlevnad och utveckling i Sverige."

("For his strong driving force and entrepreneural ability in promoting the survival and development of the Amiga in Sweden.")


Companies, associations and such that wish to contribute to the AAA Awards by donations or likewise, may see the AAA Awards Contributions Homepage or contact ACG president Martin Sahlén at for more information. We offer great advertising opportunities at the AAA Awards homepage.


Visit the AAA Awards homepage and download an AAA Awards Button which you may include in your own WWW pages. Please do not refer to the image on our server at your homepage, since that will result in our server being over-loaded with requests.


All the latest news regarding the AAA Awards will be made official at the AAA Awards homepage. Please check back regulary, the pages are yet not completed.


The AAA Awards is copyright © 1997 Amiga Computer Group.
The AAA Awards logo is copyright © 1997 Amiga Computer Group and Björn Hagström.
The national and international AAA Awards are copyright © 1997 Amiga Computer Group.

AMIGA® is a registered trademark of AMIGA International.

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