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The AAA Awards
- Uniting the Amiga Community -

In association with Amiga, Cloanto and Amiga - St. Louis
The AAA Awards is an award program rewarding efforts to strengthen the Amiga computer and its user community.

The AAA Awards Contributions Homepage

The AAA Awards is a source of global unification for the Amiga Community. As a retailer, hard- or software manufacturer, magazine, user group or such, associating with the AAA Awards will help enhance people's perception and recognition of you. Supporting a user based award like this, implies great commitment to Amiga users and the Amiga itself. The incomes we receive will mainly go to producing the diplomas, marketing of the AAA Awards through attendance at shows, and such.

We offer several contribution opportunities, including advertising and sponsoring.

For further information on these and other options, please contact AAA Awards Director Martin Sahlén at


All partnership periods are one year from reception of payment.

As a partner, you will receive a specially designed image for inclusion in different material; WWW, advertisement, etc.

  • AAA Awards Gold Partner
    This is the finest there is. As an AAA Awards Gold Partner, you will be seen virtually anywhere the AAA Awards is seen. Like aforementioned, this could be very good PR for you as an organisation. You will be featured on our web pages, and you may of course officially call yourself an "AAA Awards Gold Partner". Included is also a year of AAA Awards Homepage advertising (see above).

    US $200 -$X (1500 - X SEK)

  • AAA Awards Silver Partner
    As an AAA Awards Silver Partner, you won't be seen everywhere, but you will be featured on the Partner webpage, and mentioned as a partner whenever such listings occur (press releases, speeches, shows, etc). Naturally, you may entitle yourself "AAA Awards Silver Partner". Included is 6 months of AAA Awards Homepage advertising (see above).

    US $100 - US $199 (800 - 1499 SEK)

  • AAA Awards Bronze Partner
    This category is mainly aimed at user groups, small companies and private persons that wish to show their support. As an AAA Awards Bronze Partner you will be listed on the Partner webpage and on other such lists whenever they are made. As with the other partnerships, you have the official recognition to call yourself "AAA Awards Bronze Partner"

    US $30 - US $99 (200 - 799 SEK)

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