AAA Awards Associate Agreement Contract

Rev. 1999-01-08.

Contract between "Amiga Computer Group", an Amiga user association based in Umeå, Sweden, with Swedish organisation number 89 40 03 - 1217 (henceforth "ACG")
______________________, a computer user association based in
__________________,__________________ (henceforth "the associate").

The associate must promote the AAA Awards as much as is reasonable, and be an official spokesperson in its native country.

The associate must take on and complete all tasks and duties described for them in the AAA Awards' rules in a satisfactory manner. The rules may be subject to change without further notice. Such change will not cancel this contract unless either part has failed to adapt to the new rules within 60 (sixty) days.

Failure to complete duties or comply to the rules set forth by this and referred documents may cancel this contract without further notice.

ACG will feature the associate on the AAA Awards web pages.

ACG will render the official title "AAA Awards Associate - <country>" for the associate.

ACG will provide award material for the national AAA Award of the associate, according to the associate's dictations regarding spelling and motivation. The associate must pay all costs for material that exceed the sum ACG provides.

Conflicts that may arise on the interpretation or contents of this contract or otherwise that are not settled internally between ACG and the associate within 60 (sixty) days from the arisal will cancel this contract for both parts, without any claims for either of the parts, except for claims based on the cancellation of privileges or duties derived from the contract (e.g. the associate may not in any way give the impression of being associated with AAA Awards after cancellation, etc.)

We fully agree with, have read and understand the contents of this contract and all information referred to by it:

(place and date of signing of the associate above)      (place and date of signing of ACG above)

For the associate     For ACG