AAA Awards Associate Application

Send the application along with the signed contract to:
Amiga Computer Group
Box 7072
SE-907 02 UMEÅ

Letter must be stamped before July 1st for handling current year. The outcome will be announced in August/September the same year.

User group name:

Founded in:
Nr. of members:
Medium age:
President:    Phone:    E-mail:
Secretary:    Phone:    E-mail:
Treasurer:    Phone:    E-mail:

Contact:    Phone:    E-mail:

Describe in short the goals of your user group:

Describe in short the main activities of your user group:

Give a short account of the financial and member situation of your user group:

List the other user groups you know of in your country along with their approximate size (if you know it):

Why would you like to become an AAA Awards Associate for your country? What makes you unique?

In what ways can you promote the AAA Awards, and improve its recognition?

Anything else you may want to add?


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