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The AAA Awards
- Uniting the Amiga Community -

In association with Amiga, Cloanto and Amiga - St. Louis
The AAA Awards is an award program rewarding efforts to strengthen the Amiga computer and its user community.

Latest News

7th August 2008

Are anyone alive out there?
Just brought another of historic amigasites online again just for the memories. Send me an email if you like, /Tobias Ander

14 May 2000

I hope you're well out there.
Here are the results from USA AAA Awards. Press Release: The 1999 USA AAA Awards presented

14 April 2000

Voting for AAA Award Sweden is now closed, thank you for all your votes. We have also changed our phone and fax numbers.

4 April 2000

Rit has stopped sponsring us, so we are moving to They are supporting us with the webserver, email and so on. If you can read this, then the move is done smoothly by them.

30 March 2000

Votes for AAA Award Sweden will still be accepted until further notice, due to a delay in the publication of "ACG-Bladet"

28 March 2000

The USA AAA Awards will be presented at the Amiga 2k show in St. Louis (April 1-2). Don't miss out!

27 March 2000

The voting is now closed, please come back later for information about the winners. Thank you for your votes, and that you still support the Amiga Community.

25 March 2000

One more day, after that we close the votes!! So be fast and vote for somebody you think should have the 1999 AAA Award prize!

Now you can rate us, tell us how we are doing, check it out a bit down to left just under the buttons.

23 February 2000

Press Release: It's time to cast your votes in the 1999 AAA Awards! This year, we have made some changes to easen up the procedure, added a Product award - and we are now also represented in the USA! Oh, and yes, it should be 1999 - for greatest achievements during 1999. Read More

19 February 2000

We have now two public mailing lists, one for "AAA Awards information list for general information and talk" and one for "AAA Awards mailing list for media contacts." you can find them both on Press release page. Join them and you will not miss anything that happens with the AAA-Awards!

18 February 2000

The results from AAA Award Spain are now available.

13 February 2000

A long time ago this page was updated, but belive it or not it's updated again :-) Some other pages is also updated such as Overview, By-Laws and Copyright

Don't forget that it's good time to Vote for YOUR winner for the AAA Awards!

15 October 1999

Some updates done, events and committee pages added, and suggestions is also opened.

05 October 1999

Press Release: AAA Awards Information Manager needed!

27 September 1999

Pictures from the Swedish AAA Award winner presentation is now avaible.

25 September 1999

Picture and interview with Marcel Beck is now avaible at the winnerspage

17 August 1999

The results from AAA Award Sweden are now available.

02 August 1999

Press Release: AAA Award Sweden 1998 Winner Presentation
Press Release: Marcel Beck receives the AAA Award International 1998
The results from International, Belgium and United Kingdom AAA Award 1998 are now available.
Pictures from World Of Amiga 99

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